Are You Creating an Environment for Success

One of the biggest time wasters is to spend time on something without putting in the effort.  This approach also tends to lead to not meeting the objectives of the task at hand.

Going through the motions can be an extremely frustrating and unproductive occurrence in a company.  It often results in:

  • Lower productivity
  • Higher level of inaccuracy
  • Greater chance of developing poor work habits

To avoid these pitfalls, it is a best practice to create an environment in which you can be engaged and focused on properly fulfilling the objectives.

Some examples of how to create this environment is by addressing your work space, ensuring you schedule yourself breaks, taking steps to clear your mind. Be mindful to not turn these productive measures into procrastination.

As a reminder, the intention of these exercises is to avoid time wasting activities – like going through the motions.  The goal is to come back to the drawing board refreshed and ready to give the effort necessary to produce the best work that you can.

It should be normal to put effort into everything that you do.