Building Leadership Skills – Part 1 of 3

So you Think you can Lead…
No, this is not a press release for a new reality TV series.  There are, however, three tests to see if your team considers you a leader or just a manager.

The first test is if your team believes that you know what you are doing.

Your team will be keenly aware of activities that show evidence that you either know what you are doing or do not know what you are doing.  Below are some examples of activities that reinforce and activities that violate the concept that a person knows what he/she is doing.  Consider how you can align yourself more as a person who is in the know.

Reinforcements :  Tips to improve visibility of your abilities

  • Giving clear direction and process
  • Explaining reasons why are going outside of the process
  • Understand what the team is going through
  • Changing opinion when realize are on the wrong trajectory
  • Asking for help to move in right direction

Violations : Things that make it look like you do not know what you are doing

  • Not giving clear direction / expectations
  • Making changes without explaining why
  • Changing processes frequently
  • Advocate going outside of standard process without explaining why
  • Providing direction inconsistent with the core values
  • Using unverified information to make a decision
  • “Proving” that you are right
  • Sponsoring / Supporting people (employees) without proof
  • Sponsoring something ahead of company  (because putting your name on the line)

To unlock your potential, be sure to do more of the reinforcements and work towards eliminating the violations.

Change needs practice. And practice needs patience.