Building Leadership Skills – Part 2 of 3

So you Think you can Lead…
Teams need to know that they can trust their leader.  This is the second test a leader must pass to build raving followers.

There are simple signs that provide evidence that a person can be trusted or not trusted.  A team must be confident that the person leading them is trustworthy.  There are a number of activities that build or breakdown trust.  See below for some examples of each.

Reinforcements : Things that improve likelihood of being trusted.

  • Communicating clearly and courageously
  • Acting in alignment with the goals and core values of the company
  • Set team up for success
  • Provide the right support structure

Violations – Things that break down trust.

  • Manipulating a situation
  • Telling different versions of stories
  • Treating people differently
  • Not staying consistent to a process  (too laborious, don’t believe in it)
  • Not giving the right support structure

To unlock your potential, do more trust building activities and work to eliminate the trust breaking ones.

Change needs practice. And practice needs patience.