Communication Tips for Leadership – 10 of 15

Communication Tips (SERIES)

Tip #10. They Know the Answer

Asking questions can be an effective way to empower our audience. By giving them an opportunity to answer a question, we not only engage our audience but we also show them that their insights matter. Compare the results of asking questions versus giving answers.

Attend a trade show to expand your network of growing businesses in your market.


  • Limits engagement
  • Eliminates other possible solutions for the same question

How can we supply our Sales team with tools to more effectively target prospects?


  • Encourages engagement
  • Respects the audience’s insights
  • Inspires a list of ideas in one compact sentence

Part of the objective of most communications is for the audience to (a) understand you and (b) engage with you. If your communication is brief and to the point, your audience will be more likely to (a) read your communications and (b) ask questions to learn more – achieving both of your goals. Consider how you can increase your response rates by revising your communication approach.