Communication Tips for Leadership – 14 of 15

Communication Tips  (SERIES)

Tip #14.  Assume makes an…

Most customers are turned off when we assume to know their needs and how we can fill them.  We can be more effective at building a relationship if we avoid making assumptions and instead encourage a dialogue for deeper understanding.  Below is an example of how our communication style affects how we build relationships with customers.

We can redefine normal for your facility maintenance process.

Result: Conversation ends.

We like helping redefine what normal is.
Can you help us understand what you think normal could be or should be?

Result: Conversation begins.

You’ll hear the warning “don’t throw up all over yourself” at Resicom offices frequently.  This is a way of saying don’t “word-vomit” about how great we are.  Limit what you say about the great things you do until you understand what great things the prospect needs done.  They will tell you… so listen up!