Communication Tips : Overcoming Writer’s Block for Blogs

We have important (at least we think so) things to say, but sometimes run into a wall for ideas of where to start.

I have created a “cheat sheet” that helps me generate ideas. Since each of my posts has a specific purpose, I have organized these categories to help get me unstuck.
Quick Note – There are a couple of filters I like to apply:

  • Relevant to recipient, with hope of engaging
  • Not “salesy” (sometimes hard to do)
  • Specifically meet a goal

With that, I’d like to add posts specifically meant to:

  1. Engage. Many of the posts will naturally create engagement. Sometimes I want to create optimal opportunity for engagement, so I will post information like: Having a Contest; Posting an open ended question; “Fill in the blank” type of question; Something fun, such as a Puzzle or Riddle.
  2. Recognize Others. This is something specifically designed to acknowledge others: Tribute to mentor, vendor, client, etc.; Their Company – recognize their accomplishments/successes or their partnerships/alliances or their giving back/philanthropy; etc.
  3. Recognize Ourselves. This is meant to acknowledge ourselves: Tribute to employee; Photos and Videos of our work, and our work environment; etc; our accomplishments – successes, partnerships/alliances, or philanthropy; Our Company – our purpose, core values, philosophy, culture, legendary stories; etc.
  4. Educating the Industry. This is meant to push forward our thought leadership by posting: White papers; Case Studies; Compliance Info; Reports/Statistics; Re-posting of other’s content
  5. Educate Consumers. This is meant to boost our social responsibility by posting: Solutions for common problems; Resources available; and Reports/Statistics;
  6. Inform Industry. This is meant to further our goal of being the “go-to” resource for our industry by: Posting about Current Events of Industry such asConferences and seminars; Webinars; Trends; Recognition; etc.
  7. Inform Community. Meant to further our goal of being a good source for our community by: Posting: Local News and Events.
  8. Inspire. Meant to help people dream bigger by posting: Inspirational or thought provoking quotes; acknowledging legendary stories of service,etc.

I hope this helps you redefine your normal.