Exercise – What Would You Do, If You Only Had Time?

Sometimes are dreams get put on hold. The things that give us great joy get put on the side to take care of other things. The problem is, we can lose sight of our dreams and our happiness can become elusive.

This exercise helps you examine what you’d do if suddenly you had an opportunity to do something else.

You have been given an opportunity to take an all expenses paid two-year sabbatical. Assumptions:

  • Your spouse and family are 100 percent behind you and highly supportive;
  • Everything at the company is totally under control, a full executive support team that you trust highly is in place;
  • Your doctor says you are healthy enough to do this
  • NOTE – In other words, none of the traditional obstacles are in your way.

Take out a clean sheet of paper. Set a time, and in no more than 15 minutes, write down your answer(s) to this scenario:

  1. Describe what you think you would do. Where would you go? What would you try to accomplish?
  2. Explain what you think you would feel about doing this. Would you like to do it? Why/Why not? Would you decline the opportunity? Why/Why not?
  3. Explain what you would try to learn during this period.
  4. How do you think you would change after two years? What might be different about you? Could you actually make the change?

Hopefully this clarifies some of the things you would love to do and encourages you to start taking the steps needed to accomplish these goals. We only get one life. Health is often wasted on youth. Realize your dreams.

This exercise has been modified from an exercise provided by UIC’s Family Business Council.