Green Thumbs Get Thumbs Up

How can preventative maintenance structure apply to brand details?


A national retailer has synthetic greenery and plants strategically placed throughout each store.  The placement and use of plants plays a significant role in their overall branding, and even the way fronds hang must be staged according to specific directions.  The cleaning company being used had difficulty understanding the importance of such attention to detail as an extension of brand protection.  The retailer needed this maintenance item to be given the same high priority as any other trade.

Scope of the Work

  1. Incorporate plant care and repair into the existing structured preventative maintenance program.
  2. Create audit sheet and map for all plants, including detailed arrangement specifications and location placement.
  3. Have technicians systematically label plants according to store floor plan during inspection and cleaning.
  4. Use unique repair kits to replace individually damaged pieces/ fronds.
  5. Provide before and after pictures to client corporate headquarters.


The constraints of the project included:

  1. Create system where plants could be cost effectively repaired rather than completely replaced.
  2. Ensure plant care is given same attention to detail and priority as other preventative maintenance trades.


Our solution to this project included:

  1. Project management provides detailed explanations to team regarding specific care and cleaning procedures.
  2. Teams are educated on how plants play significant role in overall brand identity and care is part of brand protection.
  3. Documentation created to support process and convey verified project update to client.

Turning the care and repair of the plants over to Resicom became more cost effective.  Rather than contracting a separate company to handle the plants, and one company to handle preventative maintenance, Resicom assumed both responsibilities.  We already had a solid dedication to ensure the retailer’s brand protection; the plant care was easily incorporated into an already efficient system.  Our ability to repair the plants rather than replace had added cost savings for the client.