Leadership – Delegation and Desired Outcomes

Delegate Desired Outcomes

Stifling creativity can be a devastating habit for a company.  Avoid this pitfall by abstaining from micromanagement activities.  As an example, consider how you can empower your people’s creativity in how you delegate.
Example:  Our Task Description
Connect with Mr. Smith to learn of his interest in becoming a client.  He is the president of the company he founded 7 years ago and is may be a someone we can grow with.  Be sure to keep your communications brief as he has limited time to review emails and would like to know the objective of your message immediately.

  1. Deliverable: Connect with Mr. Smith…
  2. Objectives: …to learn of his interest in becoming a client.
  3. Tips: Recognize his role; Note the opportunity to grow with his company; Keep communications brief and focused on objectives

With practice, employing desired outcomes throughout your company will stifle micromanagement and encourage creativity.  Coupling this list with some tips, must dos, and must not dos creates a broader framework for them to deliver innovative results.  Remember, change needs practice… and practice needs patience.