Leadership – Process Enhancement Tips

In the blog post “Leadership – Process Enhancement Overview” we explore the difference between quick fixes and more sustainable solutions.  Below are some questions that can help you identify some of these sustainable solutions.

  1. What are we doing that used to work but doesn’t work any more?
  2. What are the critical steps to achieving the output we need?
  3. What steps in our process are our customers NOT willing to pay for?
  4. What steps in our process are focused on managing a problem that rarely occurs – the exception to the rule?
  5. What are common bottlenecks in our process and how can we remove them?

A best practice is to have managers in each discipline of your company huddle together and answer these questions.  Remember, you’ll want to include your Operations, Finance, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing, and Technology leaders in this problem-solving session.

Collaboration properly utilized can create a dialogue that leads to creative and effective solutions.