The SMARTspend program :: SMARTvisit

What is a SMARTvisit?

The SMARTvisit is a component of the program that answers the question “How can I get more value from each on-demand work order?” It should be normal for a company to maximize value delivered on each interaction. To accomplish this, we need to:

  • Create a specific checklist of things to be inspected during each visit. This list must be tailored to a type of work (eg there needs to be a general handyman list for a handyman to complete during his on-demand project, and electrical list for an electrician, etc…)
  • Establish a group of preventative tasks that the technician can complete while on-site (eg a handyman can tighten all hinges to cashwrap and backwrap doors to help prevent the need to repair them later on).
  • Establish a que of open items to be added to the on-demand work order that gets completed without a trip charge, as they are added to the on-demand work order.
  • Establish standardized pricing for some repairs and assigning priority levels for them. This gives the client the ability to have items completed for a set price, without trip charge, if the vendor chooses (eg – If there is an item that is not priority, but the client wants it completed for the negotiated price, they would put it in the que. If the vendor is at that mall for any other client, he can execute that project for the negotiated price, without a trip charge).

This approach delivers value by ensuring additional items are inspected and/or maintained without adding costs to the project. It also creates opportunities for projects to be completed without trip charges.